Kosher Kush

From the vault of DNA 's Reserva Privada, Kosher Kush, formely known as Jew's Gold, is the first strain to ever be blessed by a Rabbi. a 50/50 Hybrid, the scent of KK is Eucalyptus, musk, and lemon with a flavor of Mint, diesel and pine. The effects can be spacey and zone inducing, which is effective for conditions like insomnia and anxiety. It also can be helpful for pain and appetite loss.

Peach Punch - GREENHOUSE

A Hybrid of True OG, Tangie, Nepalese, and Thai, this will have a punch of indica effects which balance with cerebral uplifting and a sweet taste to the pallet. Its pungent and complex in flavor, and perfect for almost all ailments. This one won't last long!

Purple Alien Cookie - GREENHOUSE

This is an amazing masterpeice of genetics. A cross between Girl Scout Cookie, Alien Og, and Purple Kush, expect a delight of flavors and effects. Two Hybrids and a pure Indica come together to make an indica leaning hybrid that is well balanced and perfect for daytime or nighttime pain relief, and nausea supression. Users can enjoy the benefits of being relaxed without couch locked.

Dutch Coffee

Perfect for day or night, this strain is both uplifting and relaxing, great for pain/anxiety, without being too heavy.

Blue Champage - Indoor

Blue Champagne is a flavorful sweet smelling sativa dominant hybrid, mixed with genetics from blue dream and Champagne Kush. This strain is optimal for daytime consumption and delivers dreamy blue dream cerebral effects that are mellowed out by Champagne Kush, resulting in a combination that regular consumers find suitable.

Glass Apple - GREENHOUSE

Glass Apple is a popular strain in CO which we are proud to have here in Cali. This cross of Pineapple Express and Glass Slipperis award winning, and users can enjoy the aroma of freshly-cut Granny Smith apples and offering well-rounded sativa-dominant hybrid effects. Glass Apple firmly lands in a sweet spot for consumers seeking a functional buzz while boosting energy and cannabinoid intake and relieving pain.

Dutch Thunder - GREENHOUSE

Dutch Thunder Fuck is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combines genetics from an award-winning cut of Dutch Treat and the illustrious Matanuska Thunder Fuck. Taking after its Dutch Treat parent in structure and aroma, these round bulky buds carry a strong citrus aroma with sharp minty pine undertones. Its relaxing body effects leave the mind unencumbered and soaring with euphoric inspiration.


The most popular OG Kush strain on the market! a 50/50 Hybrid cross of Afghani and Kush, it's peaceful, euphoric, and clear. A nice even buzz that’s not too stoney but not too light, it leaves the user in a calming meditative state of being. SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Appetite loss, arthritis, back pain, body pain, cachexia, PMS, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, PTSD


The most popular OG Kush strain on the market! a 50/50 Hybrid cross of Afghani and Kush, it's peaceful, euphoric, and clear. A nice even buzz that’s not too stoney but not too light, it leaves the user in a calming meditative state of being. SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Appetite loss, arthritis, back pain, body pain, cachexia, PMS, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, PTSD

Boss OG

Boss OG by Dark Heart Nursery is a 50/50 Hybrid fragrant OG Kush phenotype with similar qualities to Fire OG. This strain emits telltale OG aromas of lemon, lime, and fuel, and offers consumers happy, relaxing effects that can trim away stress and pain.

Platinum OG

A 50/50 Hybrid with genetics of Master Kush x Afghani OR Purps x Master Kush x OG Kush, it has a minty/skunky/lemony taste and a sometimes spacey, narcotic, happy, lazy. A nice heavy body high with a crazy thought provoking head high. SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Stress, muscle spasm, spinal nerve pain, body aches, migraines, nausea.

Chocolate Hashberry

Another 50/50 Hybrid, with genetics of Blackberry Kush x Chocolate Kush (Chocolate Kush is Moroccan Hashplant x Chocalope Cheese), this strain has a hashy, earthy, and musky scent (mmmmmmmmmm) and a nutty, cocoa, and semi-sweet flavor ( Can we say dessert?!)  It has a lovely cerebral, upbeat, and even body/head high. SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Menstrual cramps, appetite loss, or pretty much anything! 

Durban Lime Solvent Free Cartridge - AbsoluteXtracts

Hybrid Taste: Earthy & Sweet Durban is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity.

Chemdawg #4

A sour, zesty, skunky couch lock euphoria! Sativa dominant, but an indica lover will enjoy this pain relieving strain. Be warned: if you are not doing much you may doze off with your shoes on. SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Neck and back pain, appetite loss, nausea, stress, glaucoma, arthritis, inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasms, Crohn’s disease, and other gastrointestinal issues

The White

It reminds me of a good cologne. . .  A lemon hashy scent with a musky spice flavor, Indica dominant  (OG Kush x Purple Kush x Master Kush) but the mind remains active and acute, so not overly heavy. Great midday/twilight smoke. SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Muscle spasms, pain relief, anxiety, glaucoma, head aches, moodiness, nerve pain, appetite loss, gastrointestinal iss

ChemDawg Mango Tango

Chemdawg Mango Tango - Chemdawg dances with Mango Tango, another citrusy hybrid, infusing OG kush in the mix of this killer balance of flavor and effect. SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, and inflammation. 

Royal OG

Ocean Grown fit for a King!!! The Royal OG is an indica dominant cross that has a sweet flavor, smooth smoke, and is best for pain relief, relaxation, appetite stimulation, and insomnia.

747 - Greenhouse

The 747 is a Sativa Dominant South American Blend that provides a clear and focused head affect with a mildly relaxing body. One of our most popular daytime strains, it is best used for anxiety, nausea, depression, and stress.


This is another AK-47, Grown by one of our collective members, nicknamed affectionately "Red AK" because of the colorful hairs coating this resin filled flower. Although the name “Ak47” seems rather violent, this strain is nothing of the sort- it is best used for Anxiety, Depression and Pain due to it’s effectiveness at mellowing and relaxing the body and mind. The powerful name might just account for the strong affect it has: AK47 Extreme is a hybrid of AK47 and White Widow Extreme, resulting in a 25% Indica and 75% Sativa strain. The CBD is particularly high in this strain, and it also can be grown to have up to 24% THC. It is a strong strain for patients and best used in the evenings, and can even help with insomnia and loss of appetite.

Matinuska (Alaskan Thunderfuck) - Honeybee Pharm - INDOOR

Matanuska Tundra, also known playfully as Alaskan Thunderfuck, is a strain that?s name implies its origin ? the Matinuska Valley grasslands. Although the strain has traces of chocolate flavor, it is dominated by the taste of fruit. It is best for Pain, Depression, and Stress, but also can be used effectively for Inflammation and Nausea.

White Widow XTRM - Honeybee Pharm - INDOOR

Here she is: the most famous name in the business! This isn\'t just White Widow. . . It\'s White Widow XTRM. This strain is the among the strongest medicinal strains in the world and was born and bred in Amsterdam. She also has won more competitions than any other strain before. This great Indica hybrid packs a power punch. The affect is strong and the taste divine.

OG Grape Outdoor

A super tasty strain, this is Grape Romulan and crossed with award winning Tahoe OG Kush. This cross is potent! The Tahoe OG adds the punch that is missing in the Grape Romulan by bumping up the THC Content. Sativa/Indica: 60/40

Blue Dream - Indoor

Blue Dream originated in good old Santa Cruz, and is a California FAVORITE. This excellent cross between Blueberry and Haze is a staple in most medicinal cabinets, with an uplifting cerebral energetic effect. Use to unwind after a long day, and enjoy the calming body effect of this sativa dominant strain. The indica traits are not too overpowering, so this strain is excellent for use all day.

Pineapple Express - Honeybee Pharms - Indoor

Pineapple Express is a mix of our powerful White Widow x Limoncello Haze x Strawberry Ice genetics. Selective breeding resulted in a superior marijuana plant with a hint of pineapple. This hybrid is 75% Indica, and 25% Sativa Great for relaxing and stress relief. Pineapple express is great for medical use, it`s high CBD content. Highly recommended to smoke in combination with a piña colada ;) Had a stressful day? Put on some meditation music and light up some Pineapple Express, you will drift away to nice sunny beach. TIP: build your own bong using a pineapple witch gives even more sweet and delicious pineapple taste wen smoked.