We all believe in the power of what 22,000 scientific studies have declared: That Cannabis IS medicine, and has profound healing properties. Of course we can look at 10,000 years of history for proof, or we can look at NOW: Cannabis continues to be proved time and time again to treat, heal, and reverse some of the most basic and excruciating illnesses. If you feel the same, this group is for you. Our Mission: To co-create a mutually beneficial association of like minded individuals crusading for the rights we deserve. To support those in our group with consideration and care, and to provide the best assistance possible. Will you join us?

Customer Reviews

Amazing selection and service! I would highly recommend them. The staff is nice, friendly, and prompt. "


Some of the best service you could ask for, their delivery times really come in handy if you have a tight schedule. By far one of the best dispensaries out there."


Absolutely amazing service I couldn't ask for better, everything is super simple and to the point. Along with their amazing customer service and massive variety of strains making it a very easy and enjoyable experience each and every time, 10/10 would highly recommend."

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